Alcoholic dating another alcoholic

If you stay in the marriage, you'll likely continue being a slave to supporting his destructive behavior. What kind of example are you and your husband providing your children about marriage and parenting?

You're the only one who can answer those questions.

Not sure if it is the economy or the alcohol abuse but he has lost thousands of dollars and my savings and credit are blown.

I keep hoping things will change but I am beginning to loose faith.

It might start as verbal abuse but it can turn to physical later.

He has promised me he would go to therapy and a marriage counselor but that never happened. Do we get out now before we waste anymore time on these men?He is homeless, can't pay his child support, no drivers lisence (lost it due to a DUI when he totalled out my new car) He has NOTHING. A happy peaceful stable home, a happy daughter w/ straight A's, and no stress because I'm wondering where he is at, if he is ok, if he is coming home, if our electric is going to be shut off because he didn't pay the bill again, etc... Sometimes you just have to take that risk and chance and "let go." If he loves you, more important, loves himself and your kids, he will quit. He does not think he has a problem, except on his "hang over, regret days", then he will apologize with all the "I'm sorry's" in the world. I have put up with his abuse, he has hit me one time when he was drunk and gave me a busted lip. No matter what the topic is when he is drunk, it is somehow my fault. I have kicked him out on one occasion for over a month but took him back after he promised me he would never drink again. Now he is slowly falling back into his old weekend party binge drinking.He is the type that once he has one drink, he has to have 15. He has drained our savings accounts, put our marriage though the wringer and I am tired of it.I will keep you in prayer and hope it ends up working out. I tried everything from threats, to not doing his laundry or making him dinner, fighting, tough love, kicked him out, threw divorce papers in his face, but I always let him come back. He too was not physical, but was emotionally "unavailable" to us and stopped showing interest in our girls and family. FINALLY, one day after kicking him out for the millionth time, my daughter (who was 16 at the time) said to me: "MOM! " We are talking about my daughter, whom I raised on my own, my #1 love of my life, telling me she would leave me because of his constant drunk interuptions...I hope your husband seeks the Lord for help as well and that your marriage is saved. Wow- Your post sounds like mine and very many others. I am also now divorced, and yet still love my husband/now ex husband. I then realised I was not the only one going through this. As sad as I was losing him, the only man I would ever marry (I'm 37- planning on never again, but who knows at this point) my best friend, all the happy memories we made together and dreams were gone.

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