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I have an approved refund that I have waited 5 months for Phoned and mailed every week All I get is various excuses Now we need another scan and need this refund of R28 050 You cannot speak to anyone but a call centre and you cannot mail anyone but an info line I am at the end of my tether All I can suggest if you are looking for a medical aid AVOID BONITAS COMPLAINT - false advertising - cover is not there when you need it (Member number 553324980) To those who think they are helping members who faithfully pay expecting to receive cover when you need it most My son tried to get a comprehensive medical aid on his meagre earnings He took out the Smart Plan and Vitality with the understanding (as detailed in the brochure) that in an emergency, trauma, accident his medical treatment would be covered and that his medicines after doctors...I have given notice with Momentum Health Saver and was In the Credit, they then responded and said I would have to wait 6 months, then when I queried this knowing full well that any claims received after the termination date would be rejected and also notified them that there were no claims forthcoming and I would be prepared to sign an affidavit to that effect, they have now sent me another letter stating there would be a 4.5 month waiting period unless I gave them a motivation? Dear MMI Holding, I have sent several e-mail to an e-mail address that was given by one of your chronic consultants, just to discover on Monday that it was incorrect.

Then i took her to my gp and gave her the medisine he pridcribed she started vomating later and her eys and face swole up.Phone them about it and they said that they will correct it and notify me its done!They send me mgs that its been corrected but when they send me the certificates all details was still wrong!!First i asked them to amend the selected scheme to a lower and affordable one. So what's the use of paying a medical aid if you can't get help when you need it. It baffles me how a medical-aid can refuse payment for a chronic, degenerative condition where x-rays clearly indicate the osteo-arthritis in the joint,can be considered a 'non-pmb' condition.I had to submit endless documentation, I had to call and email 2/3 times a day, I was still ignored and told it will take some time. Bonitas also decided not to oay for 1 day in hospital stay while their authorisation quite clearly indicated 7 days. I submitted my forms by email for reinstatement of my Dependets that I renew every year as my dependent because they are over 21years of age. I enquired 13th of June about the status of my request the consultant that I spoke to said nothing was received on the same day I resent forwarding the same email.

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