Dating and being a female preacher

She recently celebrated her first anniversary as the pastor of the Amistad Community United Church of Christ in Ann Arbor, MI. Email youngclergywomen (at) gmail (dot) com to become a member of the Young Clergy Women Project!

I dared to be a clergywoman in her 30’s, whose ordination was not preceded or followed by a wedding, or children.

And I saw it when I went to a women’s session at a conference for black clergy.

And instead of talking about the suppression of women called by God in the Black Church, we broke into groups and prayed about the husbands and children we had or the husband and children we wanted.

But a year into the pastorate, I’m beginning to see the fullness of his words.

I see it in the assumption I would need less pay and less personal time because I “have no family.” I see it when I find myself in the position of being the single persons’ advocate in a clergy group where single people were being marginalized.

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