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Although Joinville lies outside the tropic zone, and because of its low altitude and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean it sees little temperature variation throughout the year, with every month seeing average highs in the 20s C.

Joinville is famous for its strong German-influenced culture.

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Joinville is the host city of the Festival de Dança de Joinville (Joinville Dance Festival) which is the world's largest dance event, held every year during the month of July.

) is the largest city in Santa Catarina State, in the Southern Region of Brazil.

It is the third largest municipality in the southern region of Brazil, after the much larger state capitals of Curitiba and Porto Alegre.

The metropolitan area is home to 1,212,997 residents according to the 2010 census by IBGE.

Owing to urban development and relatively good infrastructure, Joinville has become a major center for events and business conferences.

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