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There are a lot of schisms that can happen between players in an MMO environment, but there are none so strange or uncomfortable as those that come from relationships - and not just from break ups.

If online dating wasn't awkward enough, imagine doing so in the public presence of hundreds or thousands.

The genre of MMORPGs, if it should even be called that, is a fairly new phenomenon in the world of gaming.

Dating all the way back to the MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) of days gone by, the MMORPG has quite a few long-running games in its library.

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It had the unfortunate honor of being one of the last western-developed 2D offerings before the 3D graphical boom in the late 1990s.At many points in the game, a certain quest is required to be completed before gaining access to a new area.Archaic though it may be to many of today's modern MMO gamers, Tibia is one of the games that started it all and is still keeping on today.Sporting a very familiar overhead view reminiscent of Richard Garriott's Ultima series, Tibia has many of the same features other early games in the genre had, including something that seems to be taking a back-burner as of late...quests that involve puzzle-solving and cooperation to unlock further content.

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