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The compression of this subcutaneous tissue helps move excess fluid (swelling) back into the capillaries (tiniest of the blood vessels) and helps prevent too much fluid from leaking out of these little vessels. For example, some doctors instruct their patients to wear one level of compression in a pantyhose style and then wear a knee-length compression stocking over the compression pantyhose. Post Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS) is a collection of subjective complaints and clinical signs following a thrombotic episode.We offer latex pantyhose for men, who want to indulge their latex-lust without more For men, latex pantyhose lead to exceptionally exciting feelings.The ready-to-wear products available on the shelf do not require a prescription. However, research has indicated that gradient compression in the legs is more effective than uniform compression in improving venous return. Why should compression stockings for the legs be gradient? Gradient compression (see What is Gradient Compression) is specifically important to the legs.However, a dealer/retailer of Jobst® compression stockings may choose to require a prescription or physician order for the safety of the patient. When we stand still the forces of gravity increase the pressure within the veins of the legs - greatest at the ankle and decreasing gradually up the leg and body.

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