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I have to give kudos to they made it easy (they were also far cheaper than setting up the transfer through our hotel).

I used their website, but since I didn’t know our arrival terminal I also emailed them and they made the necessary changes to the reservation.

Boy, I wouldn’t suggest the subway on arrival after a transatlantic flight with luggage.

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I briefly looked at the websites and picked the one that looked most user-friendly and that was Travisa. It’s basically the only small phrasebook available. P I thought it focused far too much on very specific phrases that we would NEVER use in casual tourism, and far too little on realistic phrases we could have used (like how to order a coffee with cream, how to get your blini “to go”, how to ask for the check or a water with “no gas”).

So most of our evenings were spent relaxing in our hotel rooms, reading books (see the list above)(Plus The Hunger Games which actually had a bit of a Soviet feel to it also). All information you can get off your passport and visa.

Luckily my teen son and I are both bookworms, so it was enjoyable for us.  While in Moscow we really enjoyed the free English language newspaper (check the lobby of your hotel) The Moscow Times. We lined up for passport control and after a short line we were checked, passports stamped, and half the little white form handed back to us.

Simply check the costs with each and see which is less.

Any hotel can do it for the entirety of your stay if you simply give them the information on all your other hotels (name, address, phone number, dates…).

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