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And while all the environmentalists think this is just great, they are not willing to pay what wolves are costing the livestock industry which makes it apparent their agenda is to impose their will on everyone by putting livestock producers out of business.When you can no longer buy meat for less than /lb, will you think wolves are so wonderful?These wolf families are closer and more loving then most human families.Commenter: vicki Good comments, especially regarding parasites.The current Wyoming wolf management plan states they will manage for a least 150 wolves.Related Links Nature: Clash: Encounters of Bears and Wolves Defenders of Wildlife: Wolves Earthjustice: Wolves in Danger Greater Yellowstone Coalition: Return of the Wolf National Park Service: Yellowstone National Park Wolf Project NRDC: Posts about Protecting Wolves Save Elk: The Facts About Wolves US Fish & Wildlife Service: Gray Wolf in Northern Rockies with State Wolf Plans Commenter: Aaron I thought the Idaho Hunter's comment about nature can't be in balance unless humans hunt was quite amusing seeing as though elk, deer, or whatever big game animal you are hunting was being preyed on by the wolves long before Europeans knew that there was land out west.I have always wondered how Colorado managed to dodge the wolf bullet!

Maybe we should "reintroduce" their closest relative: the elephant.

Is the Obama Administration breaking its promise to protect endangered species?

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In 19, 66 gray wolves we relocated from Canada to Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho.

Today there are more than 1,600 wolves in the region.

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