Peace corps volunteer dating

Anyway, my point being don't bank on finding that special someone in Peace Corps. The potential partner pool is small and you often don't get to spend quality alone time (unless you think crowds of 5 or more constitute being alone).

Awkwardness immediately springs to life when you watch people battle stomach issues or have mini-breakdowns because they cannot figure out how to pronounce the "g" with the little hat (gggghhhrr).

And while that may sound gushy and suspiciously like TMI, my point is that life in the Peace Corps is [3] I’m assuming that the exiting and entering stages will offset each other.

That is, it’s unlikely that you will develop anything with someone from the stage leaving a few months after you arrive, and it’s also unlikely you’ll develop anything just before you leave yourself.

Peace Corps selects for competency, not looks, and while you can probably count on them being fairly young and healthy, that’s about it; even if they were stunningly gorgeous in the US, the weird diet and climate do odd things to figures here, so you may or may not have someone worth looking at.

Also, you can’t afford to be picky with regards to where they live and how much free time they have, because housing is effectively assigned at random, vis-a-via dating potential[4].

Admittedly, my isn’t a PCV – she worked with a local NGO instead – but I’m happier with her than I’ve ever been with anyone else at this stage of a relationship.Then, you throw in the living in different communities, the focus on your work, and the attention you must give to cultural norms...Well, you end up with not a great recipe for a healthy and successful relationship. I mean, we all hear the rumors, the gossip, the statistics - now, let me blab on about it for the next 2 to 5 minutes.When I first started telling my friends and family I was considering Peace Corps, I couldn't believe how many people insinuated that in 2 years I would return married.

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