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Ihr stark vom Thrash Metal der 90er Jahre und vom NYHC beeinflusster Sound lässt Headbanger sowie Mosh-Kids gleichermaßen den Pit aufmischen. Lyrics about loss, hatred and pain round off the atmosphere of their new album.

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With lyrical themes of time travel, ancient aliens, interdimensional vampire gods, and conspiracy theories galore, the album sets the scene of the conceptual universe in which the stories of Guillotine will be told. Zum gleichnamigen Titeltrack gibt es ab sofort ein Lyricvideo im MDD You Tube Channel!Since their 2010 demo, the guys are on the road and have released two highly-acclaimed albums with "The Brutal State" and "The Human Project" in 20.Harnessing the sonic extremes of death and black metal while executing with nuance and subtlety, Guillotine is a harbinger of drastic change, of revolution. Guillotine was first conceived in 2003 in rural southwest Georgia.After more than a decade of hibernation, brothers Lance and Adam Miller resurrected Guillotine in 2015 with fresh ideas and direction.

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