Texeing to sexy girls

Texting chicks can become tedious, boring and to be honest… So one of the best things you can do is learn how to text girls in the right way.In this guide I’m going to show you what to text a girl, so that you never run out of things to day and most importantly…and that is this: Why text when I can just call her?I would respond to that by saying, calling is always the better option. your game needs to be strong, to the point where you don’t show any signs of nervousness, neediness or bitch (beta-male) qualities.If you see any of the following indicators, you need to get your date set up fast: *The girl is fast in replying and starting the conversations more and more *The girl seems to be a “yes” girl *She’s always giggling *She’s always asking your opinion on things *She has no issues sending you sexy photos *She has no problem telling you she is super strong in her yoga classes…think bedtime.It is important to finish the conversation because…

Having said that, you can build rapport on the phone which you can’t do over text.When you really don’t know what to say, ask her about her passions or her favorite vacation.Perhaps you might ask her what hobbies she has and maybe one of her dreams.Maybe you both are addicted to a specific video game? It really doesn’t matter, just as long as you keep the texting going so she doesn’t lose interest in you.Newsflash – The more you know about her interests, the better here. Truth be told…Women do not want hugely long text conversations.

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