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This law also specified the order of return of Title IV funds to the programs from which they were awarded.

The calculation is based on the period of enrollment completed.

That percentage is computed by dividing the total number of calendar days in the term into the number of calendar days completed as of the date of student notification.

The percentage of Title IV assistance to which the student is entitled (has “earned”) is equal to this percentage of the term completed, up to 60 percent.

These policies are effective only if a student completely terminates enrollment (i.e., cancels his/her registration, withdraws or is dismissed) or stops attending classes before completing 60 percent or more of the enrollment period.

Beginning in the fall, students that plan to withdraw from their studies at USC Upstate may do so online through Self Service Carolina.

The Student Account Services Department provides financial services support to students and parents.

Payments for tuition and fees may be made at the cashiers’ windows located near the center of the Health Education Complex in the main hallway. Credit card payments must be made through Self Service Carolina. You may review and pay your bill on Self Service Carolina. Our students may pay online on Self Service Carolina.If the withdrawal occurs after 60 percent of the term is completed, the percentage is equal to 100 percent.The amount of Title IV aid which must be returned is based on the percentage of “unearned” aid.Contact Student Account Services with questions at 864-503-5326 or send us an email.University's official Withdrawal / Refund Schedule: Registrar’s Parts of Term Dates Select your campus, term and part of term.

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